UPDATED 9.30.19

Below is a list of the approved volunteers for the 2021 season.  This information is updated as often as possible as background checks might come through within 24  hours of it being submitted or can take longer (7 to 10 days).  If you have filled out the background Little League Form (all the items in red) and submitted it to the league but don't see your name or a name, there could be several reasons:  1) it's pending, 2) it wasn't approved, 3) the form had missing information - all items in red must have information provided (social security and emails are the most frequent missing pieces of information and forms can't be ran without them).  If you filled out the volunteer page when registering your player, that is not the form that must be submitted to run backgrounds; it's indicating interest to the league.  Also, if you are a manager/coach/board member - you must take the online concussion course through the CDC, print out the completed certificate and submit to the league.

If you haven't filled out the background check form - here's the link:

Please contact Troy Schmidt Parrish President or Mike Bevens Parrish Vice President if you have questions about background checks or would like to submit one.



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