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Feb, 2019

Evaluations and Registration

We hold evaluations rain or shine and everything in between.  Come prepared for weather.  Also, don't forget to bring water to stay hydrated.  Our concession stand won't be open until the season starts (there's some great updates to the stand!).  

Registration is still open for all levels - if you haven't registered, we will have computers and staff available to help you.  That would be the first stop of the morning - getting registered, filling out paperwork.  It's happening in the room above the field house (stand in the breeze way facing the 90 foot diamond - it's the door to the right with the stairway).  Once you're done there, an exit ticket will be given to come down and get the player checked in for tryouts if they are doing today. (they can come back next Saturday, to be drafted to a major team, they must be evaluated according to Little League rules). 

For both evaluation days (February 23 and March 2):

Staff will be available at 8:45 to assist with registration - 

Junior players check in at 9 am
Major players check in at 10 am
AAA players check in at 11 am

All check in is handled at the concession stand window.  Previously registered players need to simply give their name, newly registered players will have a gold colored piece of paper from the registration process to check in.    Players will receive a paper to tape to their back with their age and the line number of their name (example 9-4 = league age 9 and number 4 on the list).  

Evaluations will start shortly after the check in process

A note about evaluations:  Players will be asked to show (1) Batting/bunting (2) Fielding fly balls (3) Fielding ground balls (4) Throwing (5) Run in competition.  Little League strives to have balanced teams.   

Parents and family are welcome to watch outside the field (along fence lines and in stands).  The only personnel on the field will be Parrish staff and team managers.

Following the last evaluation day on March 2, the drafts for the various levels take place the following week.  Managers will be making phone calls once the drafts are complete.  After the drafts take place, those levels are closed for registration.  The AA, Tball, and 4 year old Instructional ball are open through mid-March without a late fee (a late fee will go into effect after that).  Games for Juniors, Majors, and AAA ball are set to open the first Saturday in April.  Schedules are typically given out at 3 week intervals just because Oregon spring weather is unpredictable.     

Little League believes that every player that wants to play will play. 

If at any time you have a question, please contact a board member - we will do our best to answer or find the answer for you.   

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