Why Sponsor Parrish Little League?

The 2020 baseball season will soon be upon us; there are so many things to do in preparation for the season. 

We hope that our sponsors join with us again this year to make a successful and fun year for all our players.

With the generous contributions from our sponsors, Parrish Little League has been able to provide an outlet for the youth in our area to participate in a sport where they are coached and mentored in playing baseball.  As they learn the game, or improve in their game, they also learn the life skills of becoming a good citizen in the community and how to be part of a team working towards the same goal.

As a League, we provide the basic equipment, trained managers and coaches, and we maintain some of the finest playing fields in the city.  All contributions we receive go towards uniforms, replacing outdated equipment, updating the bleachers so they are safe for the families to sit on. As well as keeping our fields in the finest shape so that the players are not injured.  There is also a need to update the scoreboards.

To be able to do this, we rely on the generous donations of businesses like yours.  As we move forward, we are asking local business leaders for sponsorship contributions. 

Parrish Little League gives approximately 250+ children, ages 4-18, in our east Salem area a safe and fun environment in which to participate in the Little League program.  Several thousand parents attend these games each year. 

Our mission is to "Promote, Develop, Supervise and Voluntarily Assist youths that participate in Little League".  The Little League program is designed to develop superior citizens rather than superior athletes.

Parrish Little League is a non-profit organization that has been serving the East Salem Community for over 40 years.  In past years, our Little League Park has hosted Regional Tournaments with thousands of Little League parents and supporters attending games from April through October.  It is very rewarding for everyone.

The Parrish board members, managers, coaches, and ground crews are all volunteer positions.  Everyone works hard to ensure the children have an exciting experience playing ball.

 We are asking for help for our 2020 season to ensure it is as successful this year as we have been in the past.  Please take a moment to fill out the enclosed sponsorship form.  We thank you for considering in being a partner with Parrish for our 2020 season.

 If you have any questions, please e-mail me at [email protected], attention Trina.


Trina Monk

2020 Fundraiser and Sponsorship Coordinator

Sponsorship Levels

$1,500 Grand SlamĀ Sponsor Level
(Includes 3 field signs)

$1,000 Home Run Sponsor Level
(Includes 2 field signs)

$500 Triple Sponsor Level (Includes 1 field sign)

$250 Double Sponsor Level

$100 Single Sponsor Level

$_____Scholarship Fund - help pay the registration fee for a child (any amount appreciated)


Email [email protected] for more information.

All sponsors will be advertised on the sponsor banner by the concession stand, social media including Parrish Little League's website and facebook page.

Local Sponsors